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Elevate Your Subscription
Sometimes you want more! Experience more products worth over $250 quarterly, and then enjoy the regular box the months in-between
Payment is Collected
After getting charged for your current subscription, you'll pay an additional $28.99 for your BoxyLuxe
(Additional $3 shipping to outside contiguous U.S.)
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Within 15 business days, you'll experience the luxury that comes with your elevated subscription
Indulge in the amazing beauty, skincare & lifestyle products you'll get to discover. Brag about it #BOXYLUXE

What is BoxyLuxe?

Luxury Brands

Products ranging from lifestyle to skincare and, of course, beauty.

U Are In Charge

Cancel anytime, no funny business.

4x The Size

We send hand curated, full size, luxury brands directly to you every three months. Each box is valued at over $250, pay just $28.99 in addition to your existing subscription.*

Exclusively for Charmers

BoxyLuxe is offered only to our subscribed Charmers. Stay subscribed and discover more to come!

Quantity varies
*You will be billed an additional $28.99 (on top of your existing subscription), prior to, or during, each BoxyLuxe quarterly shipping month (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec). Subject to availability, and depending on your placement on the Waitlist. For all terms and conditions, click here.

BoxyLuxe Schedule

$250+ value
for just an add'l $28.99 to your existing subscription EVERY 3 Months
cancel anytime
Renews Automatically
For all terms and conditions, click here.