Teami Blends - Butterfly Beauty Bundle

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Product Description
This was the most highly requested bundle from our Teami Communitea! We infused butterfly pea flower into our Butterfly Tea and our Toner Mist to provide you with the ultimate health + beauty bundle! Derived from Asia, this naturally blue tea has been used for centuries to increase overall wellness and vitality.* Add lemon (or any acidic fruit) to magically change its color to purple, or honey to change it to pink! Have fun and create your own beautiful elixirs at home any time, day or night! Also known as “the beauty tea,” this bundle assures that you'll feel glowing from the inside out!
How to Use
How to use toner: 1. Spray before makeup application 2. Use on a cotton pad to sweep over skin 3. Spray to set makeup after application 4. Use anytime throughout the day as a refresher How to make Butterfly Tea: Place 1 teaspoon of our Teami Butterfly in a cup or your favorite tumbler and add hot water! Steep 5-10 minutes for maximum health/beauty benefits and flavor! PS- Add lemon juice for a sweet metabolism boost and watch this magical tea turn purple! Or add your desired amount of honey for the tea to turn a light pink! Check out our Youtube video on this page to see our favorite color-changing creations!
Butterfly Tea Toner: Aloe Vera, Butterfly Pea Powder, Witch Hazel Teami Butterfly: Butterfly Pea Flower, Jasmine, Stevia