Face Brush Set

95% of 100


Designed to help you achieve complexion perfection, these brushes easily conceal blemishes and define your best features for a flawless finish no matter what.

How to Use

F86-Your secret for looking rested every day; use the tapered Sigmax® fibers with liquid and cream concealers for the perfect under-eye cover.

F57-This SigmaTech® brush hugs your cheekbone and expertly places your cream or powder contour under your cheekbone effortlessly in one swipe.

F55-Achieve a natural, dewy blush or bronzer finish by stippling or swirling cream or powder color on using this SigmaTech® duo-fiber brush.

F56-Densely curved to fit your cheekbone, this SigmaTech® brush does the work for you with cream or powder by naturally following your face.

F82-Achieve your perfect, natural finish by buffing mineral powder onto your skin using circular motions with the soft, rounded Sigmax® fibers.