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Photo Finish Primer - Smashbox



4.5 4922 review(s)
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Product Description

This primer is the first product that was ever created at Smashbox photo studios L.A. It instantly blurs fine lines and pores, leaving skin with a velvety-smooth, even finish. This classic Smashbox primer is the best way to start your makeup every day.
#Boxytip: Using fingertips, apply a dime-sized amount before makeup application.

Customer Reviews

Lydia N. - 12/07/2017


Primer is mediocre

Charlene R. - 12/05/2017


Literally the only primer I use!

Jenny T. - 12/05/2017

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

This primer works for what I use it for. Powder highlights irritate my dry cheeks, so I put this down first, and there is no problem. Not sure it would prolong the life of foundation as it is a little slippery

Raisa A. - 12/03/2017


Not for me.

Tuulia L. - 12/02/2017


I use this primer everyday and it works well

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