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Ofra – Pop-up Palette + Blush Godet Refill



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Product Description

The Pop-Up Palette is perfect for any OFRA magnetic makeup godet. The palette holds up to 48 grams of product and items can be continually tailored according to personal preference.

The Blush Godet offers strong pigment with a long-lasting effect in a fabulous pressed powder blush. Can be applied wet or dry.

Customer Reviews

Jennifer B. - 02/23/2018

Been wanting this for a while now.

I kept wanting to buy the palette, but I kept not doing it. I'm glad I got this in the box this month, because now I can buy Ofra highlighters as pan refills for $10 cheaper. I'm sort of kicking myself for not writing down the shade name of this blush, given it's not printed at the bottom of the pan like it probably should be. But I think the color had something to do with "rose." Either way, I look forward to cheaper Ofra highlighters and blushes to put in this palette.

Ashley C. - 02/23/2018


I do like Ofra as a brand but I have no need for an empty palette right now. The blush is a color I'd use for sure. Maybe I'll keep it for the blush and add to the palette at some point.

Christina C. - 02/23/2018


Didn't care for this don't have anything to put in it!

Jessica M. - 02/23/2018



Stephanie H. - 02/23/2018


I don't have much to put in here (yet) so it's just kinda sitting there. The ofra eyeshadow/blush is a cute color though.

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