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Dirty Little Secrets Eyeshadow Chubby



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Product Description

This creamy consistency allows you to use it alone as an eyeshadow, or as an eyeshadow base.

Customer Reviews

Janette P. - 12/11/2017

I received a gorgeous rose gold color.

Thank you!!

Melissa T. - 12/11/2017

I'm not really sure why people like this?

I hated this eye pencil. In fact out of the several months i've had boxy charm this thing is really the only thing I will throw away. It barely even comes off pink, and is just a little sparkle. Basically rubs off immedately it has zero lasting power. I have had childrens make up or very cheap brands work better than this eyeshadow pencil. Some people suggested using it as an eyebrow under liner or at the corner of the eyes. But like I said it just comes off immediately so it really does nothing for me.

Brittany L. - 12/11/2017


This is the prefect stick to add awareness to the eyes!

Jessie T. - 12/11/2017

Nice color

Didn't have the all day staying power like I thought it would though

Marissa l. - 12/10/2017


Creamy and easy to use

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