Sedona Lace - Trio Eye Kit

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Take your eye makeup to the next level with Sedona Lace's new trio eye kit. The cruelty free brushes are crafted out of state of the art, incredibly soft, synthetic bristles. This complete set offers everything you need to achieve a gorgeous eye look-brows, shadows, and liner!
#Boxytip: EB-17 Brow Spoolie Duo: This duo is perfect for applying brow color effortlessly and then blending it out to look completely natural. After that, use the spoolie side to blend out harsh lines and create consistent, even color. You can even use the spoolie brush to blend out mascara clumps, it's multi-purpose! EB-16 Synthetic Eyeliner Brush: This liner brush is perfect for a classic, winged eyeliner look. Beginners will love this larger liner brush because the bristles are dense and easy to control. EB-13 Synthetic Blender: This brush is not only great for eyeshadow but concealer as well. You can even use this brush for contouring the nose. The shape and tapered bristles will help you blend out hard lines easily.