Pop Sonic - Gooseneck LED Makeup Mirror - Rose Gold

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Product Description
Check yourself out in Pop Sonic's brand new rechargeable Gooseneck Mirror! We wanted to make a better product and decided to make this nifty reflector RECHARGEABLE! Now there isn't the added weight of batteries to weigh this down, it's got incredible grip and will stand the test of time on any clean and flat surface. NOTE: To turn on, press the circle on the front of the mirror. TO BRIGHTEN the LED touch the circle again and hold down while the LED gets brighter then release when you reach the level of brightness you want. TO DIM touch the circle again and the light will dim until you reach the level you want, then release. With a bright yet natural LED light and 7X magnification, see yourself more clearly than ever before. Find a clean flat surface and place the suction cup firmly in place then twist the tightener clockwise until it stops. Check the security of the suction connection before moving the Gooseneck mirror into place. Once in place, turn on with with switch on the back of the mirror and use the touch screen on the front to activate the LED and viola', see yourself 7 times more clearly.