5 Piece Neon Eye Brush Set

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What is does: Applies, blends and defines with precision. Your Neon Eye set has the perfect brushes to create a defined eye look. Set Includes:

Tapered Blending Brush: Blend, diffuse and soften harsh lines for a seamless look.

Fine Liner Brush: Perfectly sized for clean precise lines. Ideal for use with gel, cream or liquid products.

Brow Grooming Brush: Apply and define using your favorite powder or gel eyebrow product and then tame and blend any strays for perfect and defined brows.

Eye Shading Brush: Dense and compact to sweep product across entire lid or pick up max product for a heavier application.

Pencil Brush: Ideal for softening and smoking out liner. Can also be used on the inner corners and adding highlight to the brow bone.

Lavish brushes are always 100% synthetic, Vegan and Cruelty-Free.