Kopari Beauty - Coco Oil Pullers (14 packettes)

93% of 100
Product Description
Swish, spit and shine your way to a healthier feeling mouth. Our 14 day trial pack includes 14 oil pulling pouches which reduces plaque and leaves teeth whiter, brighter and your mouth detoxified. Available in Coco Mint and Coco Collection which includes Coco Mint, Coco Colada and Coco Vanilla. COCO-MINT It’s the coconutty, pepperminty, wakey-wakey, makeout ready, mouthful of cool mountain air. COCO-VANILLA It’s the coconut ice creamy, vanilla beany, birthday cupcakey, deliciously sweet, mouth watering swisher. COCO-COLADA It’s the tropical islandy, umbrella drinky, smooth and fruity, coconut creamy, lip smacking smile maker.
How to Use
Squeeze contents into mouth. Swish around for 5-15 minutes. Spit oil into trash can. Brush up and shine on!
Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) oil*, Flavor** *Organic **Natural