Flirtacious Looks Cosmetics

Monarch Lash Pack

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Whether you’re just transitioning into makeup or simply seeking an everyday comfortable glam lash, this is the perfect duo. “Baby Girl” is an angled lash perfect for achieving the iconic cat eye effect. “Charmer” is a round lash created for an instant doll eye effect. Both are 100% silk and cruelty-free! Apply your favorite pair with the lash applicator included in your kit.

How to Use

1. Measure false lash to eye lash line and trim if necessary 

2. Apply your lash glue to strip! Make sure to avoid getting glue on the lash silk hairs. 

3. Look downward into a mirror, don’t close your eye and apply directly onto lash line.

 4. Remove lash and store back in box! To clean, use a Q-Tip with alcohol and allow to dry. Reuse & slay those looks!