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Meet Charmer, exclusive to BoxyCharm, one of our most natural silk lash styles! This round faux mink lash adds the most subtle lenth and volume to your natural lashes making it perfect for any eye shape. This lightweight lash and ultra thin cotton band is perfect for a comfortable all day wear and an effortless lash glam. Reuse up to 20x, clean with alcohol and store in the box for protection and sanitation.

How to Use

1. Measure false lash to eye lash line and trim if necessary 2. Apply your lash glue to strip! Make sure to avoid getting glue on the lash hair 3. Look downward into a mirror, don’t close your eye and apply directly onto lash line 4. Remove lash and store back in box! To clean, use a Q-Tip with alcohol and allow to dry. Reuse up to 20x!


Silk and Cotton