Ellie Vail - Jodie Tennis Bracelet - Gold

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Simple and always perfectly fitted, this tennis bracelet has a fully adjustable closure with ends capped in stunning cubic zirconia. 

Product Details

18kt Gold Plated Stainless Steel, Cubic Zirconia

Closure-Adjustable Slider


Water and Sweat Resistant

How to Use
Our jewelry is pretty low mantience, but to keep your jewelry looking its best follow our below recommendations.

Store jewelry separately to avoid scratching 
Wipe away dirt and oil buildup with a soft cloth - preferably a microfiber, or jewelry cloth. Dirt and oil buildup will temporarily darken the apperance of the jewelry unless cleaned properly. 

Avoid direct contact with chemicals (lotions, perfumes, ETC) as both will contribute to fading
Do not sleep in delicate necklaces