BoxyLuxe is almost yours
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As long as you follow these simple steps you will keep your spot in line

How to save your spot

BoxyLuxe is almost yours
Remain a Charmer
Make sure you stay an active Charmer. If you cancel your subscription you will lose your spot in line. You don’t want to lose, right?
Payment Information
Make sure your credit card information is valid and up to date. Don’t let a typo get in your way!
Stay on the waitlist
To save your spot in line, don’t opt out of the waitlist. You’re one step closer to BoxyLuxe!
  • An amazing box filled with expertly curated luxury brands
  • You will not be charged until your BoxyLuxe is ready
  • We will send you a confirmation email when your BoxyLuxe is prepared to ship
  • If you unsubscribe from BoxyCharm or opt out of the waitlist, you will lose your place in line
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