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Sunday Riley - Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment

Sunday Riley
Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment

You'll get

  8 items including makeup, skincare, hair tools, and lifestyle must-haves

  The option to choose two items every Luxe box

  $395 average value* every 3 months (in March, June, Sept. & Dec.) to replace your Base box in Luxe months

*Average YTD value Jan.-Oct. 2020

If you are billed for Luxe at the start of the month, or join the Luxe waitlist within 48 hours of being billed for your Base box, you will receive either one Luxe box or your Base box and a Luxe starter box. LEARN MORE

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Pay $49.99 every Luxe month. For your first Luxe month, the charge will appear as $25 and $24.99. For prepaid subscribers, please review FAQs.


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What can I expect for my first Luxe?

For your first Luxe month, one of two things can happen:

1. If you are billed for Luxe at the start of the month, or join the Luxe waitlist within 48 hours of being billed for your Base box, you will receive one BIGGER featured Month or Mystery box (not separate Base and Luxe boxes).

2. If you missed the billing window for Luxe (48 hours) or were unable to be billed from the Luxe waitlist, you will receive a Base box and a Luxe Starter box. The Luxe Starter box will contain the elevated goodies that, in addition to your base box, complete your first Luxe. For billing info, visit FAQs.

Am I able to get both Luxe and Premium?

At this time, the Luxe upgrade is exclusive to the Base subscription. If you only want to keep your Premium subscription but don’t want to miss out on Luxe, there’s a way to receive both in the meantime! On Luxe months (March, June, September, December), you must create a Base subscription and then immediately upgrade to Luxe. We will attempt to bill you for Luxe the following day while supplies are available. Then, once you have been successfully billed for Luxe, be sure to cancel your BoxyCharm AND Luxe subscriptions to prevent being billed for the next month’s BoxyCharm. Repeat these steps each Luxe month.

*Product quantity, content and monthly value varies.. You will be billed an additional $24.99 ($28.99 while on a prepaid subscription ordered on or before October 25, 2019) on top of your existing subscription resulting in a total Luxe price of $49.99 plus any applicable taxes, fees, and shipping costs, prior to, during, or after each Luxe quarterly shipping month (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec), subject to availability and your current status on the waitlist. Depending on the date you upgrade, your first Luxe box may be either (1) a Luxe box with 8-9 items that replaces your BoxyCharm box, or (2) a BoxyCharm box with 5 items and a Luxe Starter box with 4-5 items. Shipping outside of the contiguous US costs $8 for Luxe and $5 for Luxe Starter. For all terms and conditions, CLICK HERE.