Aesthetica - 4-Piece Beauty Sponge Set

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Get seamless head-to-toe coverage in one tiny kit! With every sponge you could possibly need all in one place, the Aesthetica 4-Piece Beauty Sponge Gift Set will leave your entire face and body flawless. The four multi-functional applicators can all be used wet or dry and work with any liquid, cream or powder makeup for edge-less effects.
How to Use

1. Prep - First, moisturize your skin so it doesn't appear dry or ashy. Then douse the sponge in water and squeeze out any excess.

2. Sponge - Gently dab the Beauty Sponge in the makeup and bounce it along your skin. Drag a dry sponge, like an eraser, to remove any unwanted makeup. Do the same with the Body Sponge along your décolletage, shoulders, and arms. Do the same with the Mini Sponges around your eyes, nose, and mouth, and to focus on small areas like blemishes and acne scars.

Latex-Free Foam